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Music / Comedy DVDs

Music DVDs

Earth, Wind & Fire In Concert-1981 (10/6)
Earth, Wind & Fire Live-1990(9/6)
Earth, Wind & Fire 'Shining Stars' Docummentary (10/7)
Fourplay-An Evening With (9/6)
Marvin Gaye Live!(8/5)
Janet Jackson-The Velvet Rope Tour (9/7)
Chaka Khan-B.E.T. On Jazz (10/6)
Patti LaBelle Live!(10/5)
Prince-Rave Unto The Year 2000 (9/9)
Sade Live! (10/7)

Comedy DVDs (Incl.Stand Up & Movies)

Coming To America (10/6)
Martin Lawrence-You So Crazy(9/9)
Life (9/7)
Chris Rock-The Best Of The Chris Rock Show, VOL.2 (8/10)
Chris Rock-The Best Of Saturday Night Live!(8/6)
Chris Rock-Bigger & Blacker (8/7)
Falling Down (7/5)
A Few Good Men (10/6)
Forrest Gump (10/10)
Hannibal (7/9)
Murder In The First (9/5)
'187' (9/5)
Remember The Titans (9/7)
The Silence Of The Lambs (9/9)
Summer Of Sam (9/9)