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The Webmaster, Pt.3


Once again, thanks for visiting my website.I wanted to express gratitude for all of the positive feedback regarding my project, and I welcome all constructive criticism or suggestions in the future.My goal in building this website was to create a positive area on the internet that is informative, organized, and fun all at the same time.I will never attempt to judge or alienate others, and my statements are not meant to disrespect anyone.I welcome the oportunity to meet and network with others who share some of my interests, so feel free to write, and remember to be positive by remembering your blessings.Peace, SEAN D.DAVIS (March 1, 1999)

Sean Davis


Here, I present the awards given to me for my work on this website.

November 26, 1999

Shanty Award 5 Star Award The Blakchat Award

Award From Luuk SK Award

Award Award

Award From E.T.B.M.