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The Webmaster, Pt.2

A few of Sean's 'Likes' & 'Dislikes'

Sean Sean's Likes
1.Dedicated parents of today's youth
2.The teachings of Malcolm X &
Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.
3.Beautiful women who are career oriented
4.Progressive African-Americans (not necessarily wealthy!)
5.An intelligent conversation
6.Individuals who are 'open-minded'
7.Good food (incl. Soul Food, seafood, and Italian Cuisine)
8.Coffee, cappucinos, and latte
9.Classic music from the 'old school'(incl. R&B & Jazz)
10.Historically Black colleges & universities
11.Sports (, basketball, & tennis)
12.Individuals who don't force their beliefs on others
13.Concerts in the park, 14.Traveling, and 15.Ocaasional solitude
16.My Good Friends, Who Are Basically Like Family!

Sean Sean's Dislikes
1.Superficial people
2.Those who try to get to know me in one day
3.Racism in society
5.Black on Black crimes (incl.various types of Black genocide - drugs, etc.)
6.The 'ebonics' concept
7.'Bandwagon' sports fans
8.The casual use of the N-word among African-Americans
9.The club scene
10.Disrespect among all African-Americans

11.Award shows like the Grammys & Oscars
12.Cheap malt liquor & drugs created to weaken minorities
13.The excessive taxation and certain foriegn policies of the U.S. government
14.Sorry remakes & sampling of classic songs by today's music artists
15.Professional athletes who cannot survive with less than 5 millon in salary
16.Materialistic People, and LASTLY 17.I Hate Hypocrites!