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Upscale Music- List 1

This is the first in a 4-part listing of more of my favorite music along with a brief review and a rating of 1 to 5 stars.Remember that these artists were chosen randomly from my collection, so there isn't any ranking given.Be sure to take the QUIZ at the end of list 4, and feel free to send in something from your collection.

1.Aretha Franklin:'Queen of Soul' Box Set (1992,*****)

Aretha was the first soul 'diva', and she is the Queen of Soul, period.Everything in female R&B begins with Aretha, and her best from the 60s and 70s are here.The songs are timeless and you will appreciate her material from this period better than CD's from the 80s and 90s.

2.Chic:'The Best of Chic, vol 1' (1991,***)

This group, led by Nile Rogers, helped define disco in the mid 70s, and later the 'chic sound' dominated the airwaves with the familiar guitar and bass lines.

3.George Benson:'Breezin'/In Flight' (1976/1977,****)

This talented guitarist became famous for his vocals with these 2 albums, and he helped to popularize contemporary jazz in the 70s.

4.Patti LaBelle:'Live!/Live-One Night Only' (1992/1998,****)

This 'diva' is probably the best live performer in the business, and she gives you 110% every night.She has tremendous range, and she loves to give love to her audience.

5.Bob Marley & The Wailers:'Legend:The Best of' (1984,****)

This is probably the best selling Marley album, and it is with good reason.The songs of freedom, revolution, and love are timeless so this 'father of reggae' lives on through his musical legacy.

6.Phylis Hyman:'Prime Of My Life' (1991,*****)

This singer was under-appreciated for a long time, but this CD is almost perfect as Phylis works with old 'philly sound' producers Gamble & Huff to give us 'When I Give My Love (this time)', and 'Meet Me On The Moon'.

7.The Emotions:'Rejoice' (1977,***)

This group of sisters present a nice collection of songs with the help of E,W,& F, and thier harmonies blend well with Maurice White and Co.This is basically an E,W,& F album with female lead vocalists.

8.Deniece Williams:'This Is Niecy' (1976,***)

The former 'Wonderlove' singer debuts as a soloist here, and this album gives simple (but effective) arrangements to some great songs('Free' for example).This is a nice debut from Minnie Riperton's old friend and partner.

9.Public Enemy:'It Takes A Nation Of Millions..' (1988,***)

This is INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH (and positive) rap music.P.E. will be remembered for this CD, and Chuck D along with Flavor Flav are perfect together.Production by The Bomb Squad helps to give the Cd it's hard edge.

10.Quincy Jones:'Back On The Block' (1989,****)

A HUGE musical reunion here as Quincy covers R&B, Jazz, Rap, and Pop.I love this CD because you get Miles Davis, Dizzie Gilespie, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald together one last time.We lost these GIANTS of JAZZ shortly after during the early 90s.