If you love movies, this is for YOU!! I am selling a major part of my
video collection, and everything listed here will be sold for LOW PRICES!
Every video is guaranteed to be in great shape, so you can't go wrong!!
The prices for EVERY SINGLE VIDEO IS $6.00!!! 2 TAPE SETS ARE $7.00!!!Priority Mail Fee + Confirmation ($3.55)
is added to ALL ORDERS!!!

1.Apocalypse Now
2.Thin Red Line
4.Die Hard 1 (Willis)
5.Die Hard 2 (Willis)
6.Terminator 1 (Swartzenager)
7.Deep Impact (Morgan Freeman)
8.Executive Decision (Halle Barry)
9.U.S.Marshalls (Wesley Snipes)
10.Total Recall (Swartzenager)

11.Ronin (DeNiro)
12.Godfather 3 (2 tapes) (Pacino)
13.Taxi Driver (DeNiro)
14.Casino (2 tapes) (Deniro, Pesci)
15.A Bronx Tale (DeNiro)
16.Deer Hunter (2 tapes)(DeNiro)
17.Once Upon A Time In America (2 tapes)(DeNiro)
18.Raging Bull (DeNiro)
19.Scarface (2 tapes)(Pacino)
20.Scent Of A Woman (Pacino)

21.Carlito's Way (Pacino)
22.Top Gun (Cruise)
23.All The Right Moves (Cruise)
24.Jerry Maguire (Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr)
25.A Few Good Men (Cruise, Nicholson)
26.Ghost (moore, Goldberg)
27.One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
28.Blazing Saddles (mel brooks)
29.Pacific Heights
30.King Of New York (Snipes, Fishburne)

31.Seven (Morgan Freeman)
32.History Of The World (Mel Brooks,
33.Cop Land (DeNiro, Stallone)
34.Deep Cover (Fishburne)
35.Apollo 13 (Tom Hanks)
36.Malcolm X (2 tapes)(Denzel Washington)

37.What's Love Got To Do With It ? (Fishburne, Basset)
38.The Temptations (Motown Production '98)
39.Lady Sings The Blues (2 tapes!!)(Diana Ross)
40.Harlem Nights (Murphy)
41.Coming To America (Murphy)
42.Boomerang (Murphy)
43.Soulfood (Fox, Williams)
44.Dead Presidents (Larenz Tate)
45.Menace To Society (Larenz Tate, Jada Pinkett)
46.Usual Suspects (Baldwin)
47.Love Jones (Larenz Tate, Nia Long)

This is a limited time offer for the NEW YEAR, so take advantage of
this deal.I accept money orders, cashiers checks, or personal checks
for payment.Please note that personal checks have to clear the bank before
any item is shipped.If you are interested in any video listed, you have 2
options:1.Write me via E-mail before sending payment, or
2.You can send payment to me directly at:
Sean Davis
P.O. Box 199
Atlanta, GA.30301
1st come 1st serve!!!! This list will be shortened as selections are purchased,
and I may add more videos soon!! Thanks, and use the following button to send E-mail:

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