Welcome to the new 'Fun Page'!!This NEW page will provide a few jokes,
trivia games, and a survey for you to help ease the stress at the JOB!
{If you have anything to add, write us at jgtreunion@hotmail.com}

{If you have a sense of humor, 'Get Your Laugh On'!!}

Michael Jackson's ONE WISH (NEW!!!)

The Gulf Wars (NEW!!!)

Ghetto Birthday Party

Chelsea Clinton

Guide To Black Nightclubs

Are You From The Hood ?

Plane Crash



A Woman Who Bets

Monica Lewinsky

Future Clinton Memorial in Washington D.C.

Enjoy This Survey!!
{Don't worry, no one from FLORIDA will count your votes!!!}

If you are a 'sports junkie', try your skills on the Sports Trivia Game
below!!New questions are posted weekly, and you can qualify for
CASH ($$$) PRIZES!!![Marcus Johnson has already won millions :)]

{***NOTE:This game uses 'Java', and it takes a few seconds to download.
Also, if you are using an older computer or WebTV, the game may not function properly!!}
Good luck, and enjoy NEW questions EVERY WEEK!! ***

Sorry, but you need a Java-enabled browser to play Trivia Blitz.
Please visit Microsoft to download a java-enabled browser.

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