The Time / Vanity 6
'What Time Is It ?' (1982 W.B.)
1.Wild & Loose / 2.'777-9311'
4.The Walk
5.Gigolos Get Lonely Too
6.I Don't Wanna Leave You
'Vanity 6' (1982 W.B.)
7.Nasty Girl / 8.Wet Dream
9.Drive Me Wild
10.He's So Dull
11.If A Girl Answers (don't hang up!!)
12.Make Up
13.Bite The Beat
14.'3 X 2 = 6'
Another Starr Production

Vanity 6
'Vanity 6' (1982 W.B.)
1.Nasty Girl / 2.Wet Dream
3.Drive Me Wild
4.He's So Dull
5.If A Girl Answers (don't hang up!!)
6.Make Up
7.Bite The Beat
8.'3 X 2 = 6'
9.Drive Me Wild (Remix)
Another Starr Production
Vanity, Susan, & Brenda on Vocals
All music by Prince & The Time

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