1.Star Wars (1977,*****)

2.Star Wars 2:'The Empire Strikes Back' (1980,****+)

3.Star Wars 3:'Return Of The Jedi' (1983,***)

4.Independence Day (1996,***)

5.Terminator 1 (1984,****)

6.Terminator 2 (1991,****+)

7.Total Recall (1990,***)

8.The Fifth Element (1996,***+)

9.12 Monkeys (1995,***)

10.Strange Days (1995,**+)

11.Hellraiser 1 (1987,***+)

12.Alien (1979,***)

13.Star Trek 2:'The Wrath Of Khan' (1982,*****)

14.Star Trek 3:'The Search For Spock' (1984,***+)

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