Chaka Khan Soundtrack Collection CD
Chaka Khan
'The Soundtrack Collection'
Volume I (1982 - 2002)

1.Everlasting Love (fr.'Night Shift' 1982)
2.Ain't Nobody (fr.'Breakin' 1983)
3.No See, No Cry (fr.'Superman III' 1983)
4.Freedom (fr.'Moscow On The Hudson' 1984)
5.Starting Over Again (fr.'Moscow..' 1984)
6.The Other Side Of The World (fr.'White Nights' 1985)
7.Own The Night (fr.'Miami Vice' 1985)
8.Krush Groove (Can't Stop The Street) (fr.'Krush Groove' 1985)
9.Time To Be Lovers (w/M.McDonald) (fr.'Beverly Hills 90210' 1992)
10.Miles Blowin' (fr.'Sugar Hill' 1993)
11.Julia (fr.'1984' 1994)
12.Free Yourself (fr.'To Wong Foo..' 1995)
13.Love Me Still (fr.'Clockers' 1995)
14.Faith Can Move A Mountain (fr.'Mama, I Want To Sing' 1995)
15.My Funny Valentine (fr.'Waiting To Exhale 1995)
16.Missing you (w/Brandy, Tamia, & Gladys Knight)
(fr.'Set It Off' 1996)
17.Don't Talk To Strangers (fr.'Down In The Delta' 1998)
18.Have A Little Faith In Me (fr.'Disappearing Acts' 2000)
19.What's Going On?(fr.'Standing In The Shadows Of Motown' 2002)

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