Chaka Khan
'Remixes Of A Lifetime'
Volume I (1985-1995)

A Collection Of Rare Chaka Khan
Remixes Transferred From Vinyl!

1.Eye To Eye (Extended Remix For U.K. '85)
2.Own The Night (Extended Remix '85)
3.Earth To Mickey (Extended Remix '86)
4.It's My Party (New Party Mix '88)
5.It's My Party (Dance Dub Mix '88)
6.Baby Me (3 C.K.s & A Baby Mix '88)
7.Soul Talkin' (Serious Soul Dance Mix '88)
8.Give Me All (Classic Club Mix '92)
9.Give Me All (Extended R&B Mix '92)
10.Give Me All (Fierce Club Mix '92)
11.Miles Blowin' (Disco 9000 Remix '93)
12.Miles Blowin' (Afro-Cube Remix '93)
13.Watch What You Say {w/GURU}
(Chucky Remix 1995)

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