Chaka Khan Live! 'A Night In London'
Chaka Khan Live!
'A Night In London'
{1992 Buccaneer Records, Italy}

Chaka Live @ The Hammersmith Odeon In 1985!

1.What Cha Gonna Do For Me?
2.Everlasting Love
3.Tell Me Something Good
4.Through The Fire
5.Eye To Eye
6.A Night In Tunisia
7.We Can Work It Out
8.I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)
9.Ain't Nobody
~Bonus Tracks!~
10.Lover's Touch (B-side)
11.Julia (from Rick Wakeman's '1984')
12.Everybody Needs Some Love (B-side)
13.Good Thing (w/Ry Cooder)
14.Freedom (fr.'Moscow On The Hudson' SDTK)
15.Starting Over Again (fr.'Moscow..' SDTK)
(Lisa Fischer & Sandra St.Victor Help Chaka
With Background Vocals Tracks #1-9)

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