**The Greatest Hits & More! (1993 - 1998)**

1.Just Kickin' It
4.Work Me Slow (fr.'Bad Boys' SDTK)
5.Feel So Good
6.Who Can I Run To ?
7.Can't Hang (featuring M.C.Lyte)
8.Do You Want To ?
9.In The Rain (fr.'Love Jones' SDTK)
10.How Do You Love Someone ? ('Living Single SDTK)
11.Let's Do It Again (fr.'Soul Food' SDTK)
12.My Little Secret
13.Softest Place On Earth
14.The Arms Of The One Who Loves You
15.Am I Dreaming ? (w/Ol Skool)
16.All This Love (fr.'N.Y.Undercover' SDTK)
17.Keep On Keepin' On (MC Lyte feat. Xscape)

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