Vanity 6
**'Vanity 6' (1982, Warner Bros.)**

Special Edition With Bonus Traxxx!

1.Nasty Girl
2.Wet Dream
3.Drive Me Wild
4.He's So Dull
5.If A Girl Answers (Don't Hang Up!)
6.Make Up
7.Bite The Beat
~Rare Bonus Traxxx (1983-1987)~
9.Drive Me Wild (Extended Remix 1983)
10.Pretty Mess (fr.'Wild Animal' 1984)
11.Mechanical Emotion (w/Morris Day)
12. 7th Heaven (fr.'Last Dragon' SDTK 1985)
13.Under The Influence (Extended Mix 1986)
14.Faraway Eyes (fr.'Action Jackson' SDTK 1987)
15.Undress (Ext.Rmx. fr.'Action Jackson' 1987)

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