Vanessa Williams
The Ultimate Collection (1988-1998)

The Greatest Hits & More From The Diva's First Decade!

1.The Right Stuff
3.Darlin' I
4.Running Back To You
5.The Comfort Zone
6.Save The Best For Last
7.Love Is (Duet with Brian McKnight)
8.Love Like This (Rare B-Side 1992)
9.The Way That You Love Me
10.Betcha Never
12.The Sweetest Days
13.Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
14.Colors Of The Wind (fr.'Pocahontas' SDTK)
15.Where Do We Go From Here? (fr.'Eraser' SDTK)
17.Oh, How The Years Go By
18.Save The Best For Last (Live @ The 1993 Grammy Awards)

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