'8701'-Expanded Edition (2001)

1.Intro-lude 8701
2.U Remind Me
3.I Don't Know (w/P.Diddy)
4.Twork It Out
5.U Got It Bad
6.If I Want To
7.I Can't Let You Go
8.U Don't Have To Call
9.Without U (interlude)
10.Can U Help Me ?
11.How Do I Say ?
12.Hottest Thing
13.Good Ol' Ghetto
15.U R The One
~~~~~Bonus Tracks~~~~~
16.Pop Ya Collar
17.You Make Me Wanna
18.My Way (Remix w/J.D.)
19.Slow Jam (w/Monica fr.'Soul Food'SDTK)
20.Let's Straighten It Out (w/Monica fr.'Panther' SDTK)

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