The Ultimate Collection (1993 - 2004)

Usher's Greatest Hits & More
From His First 11 Years!

1.Call Me A Mack (fr.'Poetic Justice' SDTK)
2.Think Of You
3.Can U Get Wit It ?
4.Let's Straighten It Out
(w/Monica fr.'Panther' SDTK)
5.Dreamin' (fr.'Rhythm Of The Games')
6.You Make Me Wanna
7.Nice & Slow
8.My Way
9.I Will
10.Slow Jam (w/Monica fr.'Soul Food' SDTK)
11.Just Like Me (Live)
12.U Remind Me
13.U Got It Bad
14.U Don't Have To Call
15.Can U Help Me ?
16.Yeah! (feat.Lil' Jon & Ludacris)
17.Confessions, Pt.II
19.The Simple Things

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