'I Wanna Go There' (2003, J Records)

Special Edition CD With 4 Bonus Tracks!!

1.How You Gonna Act Like That ?
2.U Don't Give A Damn About Me
3.How Do You Want It (Situations)
4.I Must Be Crazy
5.She Lets Me Be A Man
6.Signs Of Love Makin'
7.Somebody Special
8.Girl, I Can't Help It (feat.Jermaine Dupri)
9.Kinna Right
10.All Ghetto Girl
11.I'm The Other Man (interlude)
12.On Top Of Me
13.I Wanna Go There
14.Taking Forever
~4 Bonus Tracks!!~
15.Pick Up The Phone (w/R.Kelly & Ludacris)
{fr.'2 Fast 2 Furious' SDTK 2003}
16.Go To Bed Mad (Duet w/Monica 2003)
17.What Am I Gonna Do ?
18.I Like Them Girls

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