The Ultimate Toni Braxton Anthology (1992-2002)

A Collection Of The Diva's Greatest Hits & More!

1.Give U My Heart (w/Babyface fr.'Boomerang' SDTK)
2.Love Shoulda Brought You Home (fr.'Boomerang')
3.Another Sad Love Song
4.Breathe Again
5.Seven Whole Days
6.I Belong To you (Rollerskate Mix)
7.How Many Ways (The R.Kelly Remix)
8.Let It Flow (fr.'Waiting To Exhale' SDTK)
9.You're Makin' Me High
10.Unbreak My Heart
11.I Love Me Some Him
12.He Wasn't Man Enough (Extended Mix)
13.Just Be A Man About It (w/Dr.Dre)
15.Hit The Freeway (w/Loon)
16.And I Love You

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