'The Ultimate Collection (1992 - 2002)'

A Collection of T.L.C.'s Greatest Hits & More!

1.Ain't Too Proud To Beg
2.What About Your Friends ?
3.Baby, Baby, Baby
4.Sleigh Ride
5.Get It Up (fr.'Poetic Justice' SDTK)
7.Diggin' On You
8.Red Light Special
10.This Is How It Works (fr.'Waiting To Exhale' SDTK)
11.Touch Myself (T-BOZ fr.'Fled' SDTK)
12.No Scrubs
13.My Life
14.Unpretty (Remix)
15.Girl Talk
16.Hands Up
17.In Your Arms Tonight
18.Turntable (Tribute To Left-Eye)
19.Can You Hear Me ? (Missy Elliott w/T.L.C.)

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