'The Remix Deluxe' (Expanded Edition)

A Collection Of Sade's Remixes, Hits, and More!

1.Feel No Pain (Nellee Hooper Remix)
2.Love Is Stronger Than Pride
(The Mad Professor Remix)
3.Make Some Room (Instrumental B-Side)
4.Paradise (The Ronin Remix)
5.Super Bien Total (Instrumental B-Side)
6.Cherish The Day (The Sade Remix)
7.Cherish The Day (The Ronin Remix)
8.Cherish The Day (The Pal Joey Remix)
9.By Your Side (The Neptunes Remix)
10.By Your Side (The Yard Mix One)
11.By Your Side (The Reggae Remix)
12.King Of Sorrow (The GURU Remix)
13.King Of Sorrow (Fun Lovin' Criminals Remix)
14.King Of Sorrow (The Cottonbelly Remix)
15.Room 55 (Instrumental B-Side)

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