Philip Bailey
'Continuation' (1983)

Philip's solo debut on Columbia
{Produced By George Duke}

1.I Know
3.It's Our Time (feat.Deniece Williams)
4.Desire (feat.Sister Sledge)
5.I'm Waiting For Your Love
6.Vaya (Go With Love)
7.The Good Guys Supposed
To Get The Girls
8.Your Boyfriend's Back
~Plus Bonus Tracks!~
9.I Am Gold ('84)
10.Children Of The Ghetto ('84)
11.The Day Will Come ('86)
12.Because Of You ('86)
13.Thank You ('86)
14.Here Today, Gone Tomorrow ('87 w/EWF)
15.You & I ('87 w/EWF)
16.I'm In Love ('90 w/EWF)

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