Chaka Khan Live 1987 'Patchwork'
Chaka Khan
'Patchwork-Live In N.Y.C.' (1987)

1.Intro/This Is My Night
2.What Cha Gonna Do For Me ?
3.So Close
4.Intro To The Rufus Medley
5.Sweet Thing
6.Everlasting Love
7.Tell Me Something Good
8.Don't Go To Strangers
9.Guitar Interlude (feat.Bobby Walden)
10.Tight Fit
11.Through The Fire
12.I'm A Woman (I'm A Backbone)
14.We Can Work It Out
15.I Feel For You (feat.Mark Stevens on Rap)
16.Band Intros / Ain't Nobody (Finale)

17.BONUS TRACK - Tight Fit (Extended Mix)
18.EXTRA BONUS - Stronger Than Before
(Live In Germany 1992)
{Note:CD Remastered & Expanded On 10/10/04!}

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