Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott
The Hot Traxxx, Vol.I

***The Ultimate Collection***
Missy's Greatest Hits & More! (1997-2003)

1.The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
2.Hit Em Wit Da Hee (feat.Lil' Kim)
3.Beep Me 911 (feat.702)
4.Sock It 2 Me (feat.Da Brat)
5.Best Friends (feat.Aaliyah)
6.She's A Bitch
7.All In My Grill (feat.Big Boi & Nicole)
8.Hot Boyz (Remix feat.Eve, Nas, & Q-Tip)
9.Crazy Feelings (feat.Beyonce)
10.Get Ur Freak On
11.One Minute Man (feat.Ludacris)
12. 4 My People (feat.Eve)
13.Take away (feat.Ginuwine & Tweet)
14.Work It (Remix feat.50 Cent)
15.Pussycat (feat.Tweet)
16.Gossip Folks (feat.Ludacris)
17.Fighting Temptations (feat.Beyonce, MC Lyte, & Free)
18.Pass That Dutch
19.Hurt Sumthin' (from the 'Honey' SDTK)

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