Minnie Riperton
'Perfect Angel' / 'Adventures In Paradise'

Minnie's 2 Classic CDs From 1974 & 1975!
'Perfect Angel' (1974)
2.It's So Nice (To See Old Friends)
3.Take A Little Trip
4.Seeing You This Way
5.The Edge Of A Dream
6.Perfect Angel
7.Every Time He Comes Around
8.Lovin' You
9.Our Lives
'Adventures In Paradise' (1975)
10.Baby, This Love I Have
11.Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right
12.When It Comes Down To It
13.Minnie Lament
14.Love & It's Glory
15.Adventures In Paradise
16.Inside My Live
17.Alone In Brewster Bay
18.Simple Things
19.Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down
20.If I Ever Lose This Heaven [BONUS TRACK 1974]
(Quincy Jones feat.Minnie Riperton & Leon Ware)
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