L.T.D. & Jeffrey Osborne
'The Ultimate Anthology' (1976 - 1990)

A Special Combination of L.T.D.'s Greatest Hits
And The Solo Classics By Jeffrey Osborne!

1.Love Ballad
2.Back In Love Again
3.(Won't Cha) Stay Wih Me ?
4.Holding On (When Love Is Gone)
5.We Both Deserve Each Other
6.Concentrate On You
8.Share My Love
9.Where Did We Go Wrong ?
10.April Love
11.On The Wings Of Love
12.Really Don't Need No Light
13.Don't You Get So Mad
14.Stay With Me Tonight
15.We're Going All The Way
16.You Should Be Mine (The Woo-Woo Song)
17.All Because Of You
18.Only Human

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