Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes
'Supernova' (2001, Arista)

1.Life Is Like A Park (feat.Carl Thomas)
3.The Block Party
4.Let Me Live
5.Jenny (w/Jazzy Phe)
6.I Believe In Me
7.Rags To Riches (w/Andre Rison)
8.True Confessions (w/Angela Hunte)
9.Untouchable (w/2Pac)
10.Head To The Sky (w/Blaque)
11.The Universal Quest (w/Esthero)
12.A New Star Is Born (w/Tangi Forman)
~~~~Bonus Tracks~~~~
14.Tampered With (feat.Wanya Morris)
15.The Block Party (Dallas Austin Remix)
(Dedicated To The Memory Of Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes)

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