Lalah Hathaway
The Ultimate Anthology VOL.I (1990-1999)

1.Heaven Knows
2.Baby, Don't Cry
3.I'm Coming Back
4.Family Affair
5.Let Me Love You
6.Long After U Have Gone
7.I Surrender (w/G.Albright fr.'Smooth')
8.Infatuation (w/M.Miller fr.'Tales')
9.One More Chance
(w/A.porter fr.'Lay Your Hands On Me')
10.Summer Breeze
(Remix w/Big Bub & W.Tisdale fr.'In The Zone')
11.Summertime (w/M.Miller fr.'Live & More')
12.People Make The World Go Round
(w/M.Miller fr.'Live & More')
13.Lonely Winds (w/G.Albright fr.'Live To Love')
14.My Only (w/W.Tisdale fr.'Decisions')
15.Fever (w/'J.Sample fr.'The Song Lives On')
16.When Your Life Was Low
(w/J.Sample fr.'The Song Lives On')

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