Jesse Johnson
'Remixes, Hits, & More!' (1985-1989 A&M)

The Ultimate Jesse Johnson Collection!
Featuring 5 years of the former guitarist
of The Time's biggest hits & more!

1.Can You Help Me? (Extended Mix) 5:47
2.Crazay (Extended Remix feat.Sly Stone) 7:56
3.Love Struck (The Dance Mix) 7:41
4.Baby, Let's Kiss (Remix) 7:38
5.Free World (B-Side) 3:50
6.Fool's Paradise (B-Side) 5:17
7.Vibe (Non-Album Track) 5:25
8.I'm The One 4:46
9.Color Shock 3:39
10.Be Your Man 6:47
11.I Want My Girl 4:45
12.Fast Girls (B-Side) 6:35
13.She (I Can't Resist) 4:48
14.Addiction 4:13
(Notes-Tracks #2-3 are from Vinyl Sources!)
All Tracks Written & Produced By Jesse Johnson
For J.W.J. Productions, Inc.

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