Janet Jackson
'The Velvet Rope Remixes'

Remixes Of Songs From 'The Velvet Rope' CD (1997)

1.Got Til It's Gone (Mellow Remix)
2.Got Til It's Gone (Nellee Hooper Remix)
3.Together Again (Jimmy Jam's Deep Remix)
4.Together Again (Jimmy Jam's Deeper Remix)
5.I Get Lonely (The TNT Remix)
6.I Get Lonely
(The Jam & Lewis Feel My Bass Remix)
7.Go Deep (Teddy Riley's Funk Mix)
8.Go Deep (Masters At Work Down Tempo Mix)
9.Everytime (The Jam & Lewis Disco Remix)
10.Accept Me (Rare European B-Side)
11.Can't Be Stopped
(Hidden Track on 'The Velvet Rope')
12.Together Again (Humphrie's Club Mix)
13.I Get Lonely (The Janet vs. Jason Club Mix)
14.Rope Burn (CD Version)
15.God's Stepchild (fr.'Down In The Delta' SDTK.)

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