Heavy D & The Boyz

Heavy D's Biggest Hits & More! (1987-1999)

1.The Overweight Lovers In The House
2.Chunky But Funky (Remix)
3.Mr.Big Stuff (Remix)
4.Don't You Know ? (w/Al B Sure!)
5.We Got Our Own Thang
6.You Ain't Heard Nuthin' Yet
7.Somebody For Me (w/Al B Sure!)
8.Now That We Found Love (w/Aaron Hall)
9.Is It Good To You ? (w/Tammy Lucas)
11.Who's The Man ?
12.Blue Funk
13.Got Me Waiting
14.Black Coffee
15.Big Daddy
16.Don't Be Afraid
17.Can You Handle It ?
18.Imagine That
19.On Point (w/Big Pun & Eightball)

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