The Ultimate Collection (1996-2003)

A Collection Of His Greatest Hits & More!

2.Tell Me Do You Wanna ?
4.I'll Do Anything / I'm Sorry
5.What's So Different ?
6.So Anxious
7.Same Ol' G
8.Take Away (w/ Missy Elliott & Tweet)
9.There It Is
11.Tribute To A Woman
12.Hell Yeah (feat.Baby)
13.In Those Jeans
14.Love You More
~Plus 4 Bonus Soundtrack Songs!~
15.Stingy (fr.'Barbershop' 2002)
16.Excuses (fr.'Deliver Us From Eva' 2002)
17.I'm Feelin' You (fr.'Men In Black'1997)
18.The Best Man I Can Be (fr.'The Best Man 1999)
(w/R.L., Tyrese, and Case)

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