The Gap Band
The Ultimate Collection (1979-1990)

2.Open Up Your Mind (Wide)
3.Steppin' Out
4.I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up
And Dance (Oops Up Side Your Head!)
5.Burn Rubber
6.Yearning For Your Love
7.Early In The Morning
8.You Dropped A Bomb On Me
10.Party Train
11.Beep A Freak
12.I Found My Baby
13.Going In Circles
14.Big Fun
15.Sweeter Than Candy
16.I'm Gonna Git U Sucka
17.All Of My Love
18.Addicted To Your Love
19.We Can Make It Right
(Longer Versions Of #1,4,5,7-10, and
'Wednesday Lover' are on the
'Gap Band 12" Collection' CD!!)

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