Dare You To Love Me
Chaka Khan
'Dare You To Love Me' (1995)

The Chaka CD That Warner Brothers Decided To Cancel!

1.Dare You To Love Me
2.Never Miss The Water
(feat.Me'Shell Ndegeocello)
3.Don't Take Back (Your Love)
4.Love Me Still
6.Miles Blowin'
8.You & I Are One
10.Every Little Thing
11.Somethin' Deep
12.Your Love Is All I Know
13.It Ain't Easy Loving Me
14.Miles Blowin' (The Disco 9000 Remix) BONUS!
15.Miles Blowin' (The Afro-Cuban Remix) BONUS!
16.Superlife BONUS!

{'Let My Heart Go', 'A Dream I Had', & 'Whatever I Want'
Were Also Part Of The Cancelled CD!}

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