The Brand New Heavies
'Trunk Funk Classics'
**(1991 To 2000)**

Ten Years Of Excursions, Remixes, and Rare Grooves!

1.Finish What You Started
2.Brother Sister
3.Put The Funk Back In It
4.Stay This Way
5.Back To Love
6.Have A Good Time
7.Bonafide Funk (feat.Main Source)
8.Never Stop
10.Dream On Dreamer
11.Sometimes (REMIX feat.Q-Tip)
12.Gimmie One Of Those
13.Soul Flower (feat.The Pharcyde)
14.Dream Come True '92
15.Saturday Nite (REMIX feat.Mos Def)
16.Mind Trips (REMIX)
17.Dream On Dreamer (REMIX)
18.Midnight At The Oasis (REMIX)

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