Bill Withers
The Essential Collection (1971 - 1985)

1.Ain't No Sunshine (1971)
2.Grandma's Hands (1972)
3.Lean On Me (1972)
4.Use Me (1972)
5.Kissing My Love (1973)
6.Who Is He ? (And What Is He To You ?)(1973)
7.I Don't Want You On My Mind (1973)
8.The Same Love That Made Me Laugh (1974)
9.Hello Like Before (1975)
10.Lovely Day (1977)
11.Let Me Be The One You Need (1977)
12.I Want To Spend The Night (1977)
13.Just The Two Of Us
(G.Washington Jr. Featuring Bill Withers 1980)
14.In The Name Of Love
(Ralph MacDonald Featuring Bill Withers 1984)
15.Oh Yeah (1985)
16.Steppin' Right Along (1985)
17.Whatever Happens (1985)
18.Something That Turns You On (1985)
19.Heart In Your Life (1985)
20.Watching You Watching Me (1985)

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