Aretha Franklin
'The 1974 - 1976 Remasters' (Vol.I)

Featuring 'With Everything I Feel In Me' (1974)
Plus The First Half Of 'You' (1975)

~'With Everything I Feel In Me'[1974]~
1.Without Love
2.Don't Go Breaking My Heart
3.When You Get Right Down To It
4.You'll Never Get To Heaven
5.With Everything I Feel In Me
6.I Love Every Little Thing About You
7.Sing It Again - Say It Again
8.All Of These Things
9.You Move Me
~'You' (Side One) [1975]~
10.Mr D.J. (5 For The D.J.)
11.It Only Happens (When I Look At You)
12.I'm Not Strong Enough To Love Again
13.Walk Softly
14.You Make My Life
{The Rest of 'You' & 'Sparkle' (1976) on Vol.II}

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