Aretha Franklin
'The Final Atlantic Recordings' (Vol.II)

Featuring The Second Half Of 'Almighty Fire' (1978)
Plus The Entire 'La Diva' (1979) Album

~'Almighty Fire (Part II)'~
1.Close To You
2.No Matter Who You Love
3.This You Can Believe
4.I'm Your Speed
~'La Diva'~
5.Ladies Only
6.It's Gonna Get A Bit Better
7.What If I Should Ever Need You
8.Honey, I Need Your Love
9.I Was Made For You
10.Only Star
11.Reasons Why
12.You Brought Me Back To Life
13.Half A Love
14.The Feeling
15.BONUS TRACK - United Together (1980, Arista)

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