Apollonia 6
**'Apollonia 6' (1984, Warner Bros.)**

Special Edition CD With Bonus Traxxx!

1.Happy Birthday, Mr.Christian
2.Sex Shooter
3.Blue Limousine
4.A Million Miles (I Love You)
5.Ooo She She Wa Wa
6.Some Kind Of Lover
7.In A Spanish Villa
~Extra Bonus Traxxx (1984-1987)~
8.Take Me With You (Duet With Prince)
9.Sex Shooter (Extended Version 1984)
10.Sugar Walls (Remix 1984, S.Easton)
11.Next Time, Wipe The Lipstick Off
Your Collar (Sheila E. & Brenda Bennett '84)
12.The Glamorous Life (Edit, Sheila E.'84)
13.Sister Fate (Extended Mix, Sheila E. '85)
14.The World Is High (B-Side, Sheila E. '85)
15.G-Spot (Extended Mix, Jill Jones '87)

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