Angie Stone
'At The Movies & More', Vol.I

A Collection Of Angie's Movie Soundtrack
Songs, and Other Non Album Tracks!

1.Everyday (fr.'Money Talks' 1997)
2.Holding Back The Years (fr.'Love & Basketball' 2000)
3.Slippery Shoes (fr.'Bamboozled' 2000)
4.My Lovin' Will Give You Something (fr.'Shaft' 2000)
5.Get To Know You Better (fr.'Disappearing Acts' 2000)
6.Won't Be A Fool (fr.A.Bugnon's 'As Promised' 2000)
7.Keep Your Worries (fr.Guru's 'Streetsoul' 2000)
8.You Make My Sunshine (w/Prince 2000)
9.Be Thankful (w/Omar 2001)
10.Makin' Me Feel (fr.'Dr.Dolittle 2' 2001)
11.Steve Harvey 'Introlude'
12.The Messenger
(fr.S.Harvey's 'Sign Of Things To Come' 2001)
13.Groove Me (fr.'Goldmember' 2002)
14.Bring Your Heart (fr.'Brown Sugar' 2002)
15.You Will Know (fr.'Conception' 2003)
16.Wonderland (w/EWF on 'The Promise' 2003)
17.Bonus Track!
{Angie Stone's Greatest Hits Coming Soon!}

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