'The Ultimate Anthology', CD I (1994-2001)

A Collection Of Aaliyah's Greatest Hits & More!

1.Back & Forth
2.Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
3.At Your Best (You Are Love)
4.Throw Your Hands Up
5.The Thing I Like (fr.'Low Down Dirty Shame' SDTK)
6.Are You Ready ? (fr.'Sunset Park' SDTK)
7.If Your Girl Only Knew (Remix)
8.One In A Million
9.Hot Like Fire
10.4 Page Letter
11.Journey To The Past (fr.'Anastasia' SDTK)
12.Best Friends (w/Missy Elliott)
13.Are You That Somebody ? (fr.'Dr.Dolittle' SDTK)
14.I Don't Wanna (fr.'Next Friday' SDTK)
15.Try Again (fr.'Romeo Must Die' SDTK)
16.Are You Feeling Me ? (fr.'Romeo Must Die' SDTK)
17.We Need A Resolution
18.Those Were The Days
19.Rock The Boat

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