In This Section, I randomly list some of the few books that I have had the pleasure to read.This list will not serve to rate books on my behalf, and it should grow as I read more in the future.Visitors, feel free to suggest something from your bookshelves!!You can also order books online from Amazon by using the button at the bottom of the page.

1.Miles:The Autobiography (1989, Miles Davis)

2.The Autobiography Of Malcolm X (1965, Alex Haley)

3.Think Big (1992, Dr.Ben Carson)

4.The Jordan Rules (1992, Sam Smith)

5.Make Me Wanna Holler (1994, Nathan McCall)

6.Monster:The Autobiography Of A Former L.A.Gang Member (1993, Sanyika Shakur)

7.Message To The Blackman (1965, Hon.Elijah Muhammad)

8.Divided Soul:The Life Of Marvin Gaye (1985, David Ritz)

9.Invisible Man (1947, Ralph Ellison)

10.A View From Above (1991, Wilt Chamberlain)

11.Their Eyes Were watching God (1937, Zora N.Hurston)

12.My Life (1992, Earvin 'Magic' Johnson w/Wm.Novak)

13.Kareem (1990, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

14.The Color Purple (1982, Alice Walker)

15.Moonwalk (1988, Michael Jackson)

16.'75 Seasons':The Complete History Of The N.F.L. (1994, Various)

17.Africa In History (1968, Basil Davidson)

18.The Soulful Divas (1998, David Nathan)

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