'The Ultimate Anthology, CD II' (1996-2002)

The 2nd Collection of Her Greatest Hits & More!

1.Miss You
2.All I Need
3.Don't Know What To Tell Ya
4.Come Over (feat.Tank)
5.I Care 4 U
6.More Than A Woman
7.Extra Smooth
8.Back In One Piece
(w/DMX fr.'Romeo Must Die' SDTK)
9.Stickin' Chickens (w/Missy Elliott & DaBrat)
10.One In A Million
(Remix w/Ginuwine fr.'Sprung' SDTK)
11.Got To Give It Up (feat.Slick Rick)
12.I Gotcha Back
13.Never Givin' Up
14.The One I Gave My Heart To
15.Final Warning (Ginuwine feat.Aaliyah)
16.Miss You (2003 Remix feat.Jay-Z)

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