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Sean's Friends

Here are some of my friends.Click on each the each image to see the full-sized pictures.
(Names will appear when your 'pointer' goes over the small images!!)

Jesse Edwards relaxing before Homecoming 2000
Tracy, Duane, Kevin, Kenneth, Danielle, and Daphne
Otha, Kevin, and Tracy KenSpears & Family
Jesse Jackson confers with Kevin Wright Mark White
Keatra Thomas
Lisa Jackson
Mr & Mrs Ed Richard
Greg Winstead & his Cousin Ted
Earle & Sonya Mitchell
Kevin Jefferson
Cyndi Lester
Leslie & Lisa Shirley Greene & other Spelman Sisters Bryan Jenkins
Kevin McKinney
Donna Blocker
Tydanita McLean
Mr&Mrs. Duane Wright with Magic Johnson
Angel Me, Alex Jefferson, & Shawn Myers
Sean Eaton & his Mom
David Hardy(2002)
Chillin In Vegas w/Tracy, Duane, and Kevin (July 2003)
The Fellas & Eena @ Ameoba Records In Los Angeles, CA. (July 2003)
Ed Richard & Family(2003)